Privacy Policy 


General Provisions

  1. The present document hereinafter referred to as: The Policy defines the privacy protection rules for the persons visiting the
  2. The concepts starting with capital letters shall be construed as follows:
    1. FRGK – Kleszczów Commune Development Foundation, with the registered office in Kleszczów (97-400), ul. Sportowa 3, registered in the National Court Register, kept by the District Court for Łódź-Śródmieście in Łódź, 20th Commercial Department of the National Court Register, KRS number: 114731, tax ID: 7691106287, REGON 590324240;
    2. Web portal – website at;
    3. User – an individual, displaying the web portal and its subpages in any internet browser;
    4. Personal data – any information on an individual, identified or possible to identify (a person the data refers to)
    5. Personal data processing – operation or a set of operations performed on personal data or sets of personal data in an automated or not automated way, especially collecting, recording, organising, arranging, storing, adapting or modifying, downloading, reviewing, using, disclosing by sending, distributing or any type of providing, adapting or combining, limiting, removing or destroying.
    6. Personal data administrator – an individual or company, unit or other entity, which individually or in co-operation with other entities defines the purposes and methods of personal data processing. For the needs of the present document, the Administrator of personal data is the Kleszczów Commune Development Foundation.
  1. Contact on the contents of the present document, and additional information on personal data processing if needed, including security instruments, is possible by e-mail sent at: or by post at the following address:
    Kleszczów Commune Development Foundation
    ul. Sportowa 3, 97-410 Kleszczów.  

Personal data protection

  1. As the User uses the web portal, the User may be required to provide his or her personal data. In particular, it shall take place when the User contacts the Kleszczów Commune Development Foundation through the contact form or for the needs of the User’s contact with the Kleszczów Commune Development Foundation by post or telephone.
  2. The personal data are provided voluntarily, however the data are necessary to receive a full reply to the question asked by the User, dealing with the matter or establishing possible co-operation with the User or the entity, represented by the User. It shall not be possible without the User’s personal data.
  3. Any personal data, provided by the User through the web portal, in the correspondence with the Kleszczów Commune Development Foundation or during a telephone conversation, are processed in a way compliant with the regulation of the European Parliament and Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27th April 2016 on protection of individuals in relation to personal data protection and free flow of such data as well as weaver of the 94/46/EC directive, hereinafter referred to as „GPDR”. The current text of the regulation is available here.
  4. The Kleszczów Commune Development Foundation applies current regulations on personal data protection and the technical means preventing acquisition and modification of the personal data sent in an electronic way, by unauthorised persons.

§ 3

  1. The Administrator of the Personal Data is FRGK – Kleszczów Commune Development, with the registered office in Kleszczów (97-400), ul. Sportowa 3.
  2. FRGK may entrust personal data management to a third party, on the basis of a personal data protection agreement signed with the entity.
  3. The recipients of the Users’ personal data are or may be the entities hosting the web portal or other data for FRGK, providers of analytical tools, provider of marketing tools, courier companies and the Polish Post.
  4. FRGK shall not transfer the Users’ data to third countries, outside of the EEA.
  5. The Users shall not be profiled due to the use of the web portal.


  1. A user has the right to access the personal data, correct them, demand their removal, limit the processing or transfer of the personal data. If the personal data are processed against the law, the User shall have the right to lodge a claim to the supervisory body. In Poland, it is the President of Urząd Ochrony Danych Osobowych (Personal Data Protection Office).
  2. Depending on the situation, the User may have the right to object processing of his or her personal data. If FRGK is processing your personal data as an Administrator:
    1. on the basis of legally justified interests – you can submit your objection for the reasons related to your special situation. It shall require a justification;
    2. For the needs of direct marketing – you can object anytime, without a reason.


  1. FRGK is processing Users’ personal data and uses them in the scope and for the purpose necessary to contact the User, answer the User’s questions and deal with the matter, submitted by the User, in order to establish possible collaboration with the User or the entity, represented by the User, for analytical purposes and for marketing purposes, consisting in promotion of the web portal.
  2. The basis for processing your personal data are articles 6 item 1 letter b and letter f of GDPR. The legally justified interest of the Administrator is marketing of own services and the FRGK itself, protection of claims, answering questions, asked by the User and dealing with the matter, submitted by the User.


  1. Personal data shall be processed by FRGK for the time required to complete the processing objectives, specified in § 5 item 1, and after this time, for the time required to prove the completion of the FRGK’s duties. The period is equal to the length of the statute of limitations period, applying to claims and tax liabilities.
  2. If FRGK is performing marketing activities, the users’ personal data processed in the scope of marketing activities shall be processed for the period of marketing activities performed by FRGK or until the User objects against processing of his or her personal data for marketing purposes.
  3. If a User provides personal data when contacting FRGK, the data will be processed for the time required to answer the User’s questions and deal with the matter.


  1. The web portal is using cookies, i.e small text information, stored at the User’s end device (computer, notebook, tablet, smartphone or any other mobile device with internet access), which can be then read and used by FRGK. Cookies are identifying the User, which allows better adaptation of the web portal contents to the User’s needs. FRGK is using cookies in order to guarantee the highest comfort and the data collected shall only be used for optimisation of the activities.
  2. The stored data include the IP address, the type of browser, language, operation system, internet service provider, information on the time and date, location and other information sent to the web portal though the contact form.
  3. The collected data is for monitoring and checking how the Users use the portal in order to improve its functionality and provide more efficient and easy navigation.
  4. FRGK can monitor user information with the Google Analytics tool, which is monitoring the User’s behaviour on the internet.
  5. For the user of the web portal and the application, FRGK is using both session cookies (temporary, stored at the User’s device until logging out, closing of a website or switching off the internet browser) as permanent cookies (stored at the User’s device for the time specified in the properties of the cookie files or until the removal of the files by the User.


  1. In many cases, an internet browser is accepting cookies storage at the User’s final device by default. The Users may change cookies settings by themselves.
  2. FRGK hereby informs that it is possible to configure an internet browser in order to disable cookies storage at the User’s device; however it can significantly complicate the work of the web portal and limit its functionality.

Final provisions

The Policy is available at

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